Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why do banks have thermometers?

I just devoted roughly five minutes of internet research to this subject and didn't find anything even remotely close to an explanation, so clearly the answer to my question isn't obvious.  What is the connection between banks and large digital clocks/thermometers?  Who started the trend?  For what reason?  Why did it catch on?

I'm guessing it has to do with banks as a source of information, but that's only a half-baked theory and I know I'm missing something.

Also, why did it take me 30-odd years to first wonder about this?


  1. Good point. Should have interest rates or something. Obviously, we all look at them so that could be a simple explanation, but then the question would be: Why don't other businesses have digital thermometers? Plus, joining a bank is not something people do very often. Because it is banks there must be a sinister reason.

    1. All good thoughts. In particular I wonder why banks so much more than any other type of business?


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