Monday, July 18, 2016

Bulls beat Timberwolves for Vegas summer league title on play I got called for travelling on in 5th grade

Here's a quick story I remember from my 5th-grade basketball league:

I had the ball in the game's closing seconds, with my team trailing by a bucket.  My handle wasn't that great, but I was a shooter in full-on hero mode.  I picked up my dribble at the top of the key and pivoted around on my left foot, looking for some daylight to get off my hail-mary.  With nothing open, I took one final step with my right foot, jumped in the air and heaved the ball towards the hoop.

It clanged off the side of the rim, but that didn't matter because the referee blew the whistle before the ball even left my hands.  Travelling--because that's automatically the correct call when you lift your pivot foot.

That is, unless you're Denzel Valentine draining a game-winner to take the Las Vegas summer league title:

And for anybody arguing that it's not traveling, look at the screen shot above.  His right foot is still on the ground and his left foot is clearly in the air, just like what I did in 5th grade.

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