Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bartender tales: The best version yet of "I can't find my waitress"

The closest representation of the situation
that I could find on Google images.
This is something that happens quite often to me while I'm bartending--someone will come up to the bar from the dining room and say "I can't find my waitress."  One of these days I'm going to forgo my required pleasantries and respond with "Did you even look?"  I can almost always spot the "missing" server immediately, usually in plain sight of and in close proximity to the table where the person is sitting.

The most ridiculous example of this that I've ever encountered happened last night.  A woman approached me to say that her party wanted to pay their check, but they hadn't seen their waitress in a long time.  I asked what she looked like (blond or brunette), then pointed out the closest server I saw fitting the description (blond with hair up), who happened to be standing just a few feet away.  The woman replied that that was in fact her waitress--crisis averted.

Now here's where the humor of this particular scenario far surpasses that of all the others just like it:

1.  As it turns out, it was the wrong sever and she was very confused when the woman asked her for a check.

2. When she went and found the right server, that waitress was also very confused because the bill was already on the table.

3. The group of four women then proceed to sit for another 20 minutes before paying, which begs the question of why they even approached me for the check (which had already been delivered) in the first place when they were clearly in no hurry.

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