Monday, April 4, 2016

Memo to MLB: There's an easy way to avoid snow for Opening Day

As I write this, there's roughly two hours to go before the Red Sox begin their 2016 season.  It's also snowing like crazy in Boston:

Luckily, the Red Sox are out of town.  Unfortunately, they're in Cleveland instead.  Here's what's going on there:

Sweet.  That "RealFeel" 16 degrees number at the bottom sounds particularly awesome.

When is MLB going to learn?  Opening Day should never happen in cold-weather cities, and there's a very easy way to fix that.  Play the first two weeks of the season in the 15 of 30 ballparks that aren't crossed out in red:

Everywhere else is either not cold (with the possible exception of St. Louis, but hey, it's still a lot better than the northeast) or has a roof.  Problem solved.

The Red Sox-Indians game was postponed while I was writing this blog.  How fitting.

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