Thursday, March 31, 2011

why does opening day happen in cold weather cities?

it looks miserable at yankee stadium right now.  40 degrees, a wind chill down to 33, and a light drizzle.  there's a 50% chance of snow in cleveland over night before the indians' opener.  and in philly there's supposed to be a mix of rain and snow during their game tomorrow.  it makes no sense why mlb does this every year.  only about 10 or 11 teams play outdoors in places where the weather is still crappy this time of year.  by my math that is definitely less than half.  play the first 2 weeks in warm weather.  wait till mid april to come to boston, new york, chicago, etc.  it's seems so simple. 

oh, and today is the first ever march game played in new york.  brilliant.


  1. Better now than sitting through November playoff baseball in the Bronx.

  2. No need to have ANY playoff games in the Bronx! Ever!!


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