Sunday, March 27, 2011

i'm not that worried about the celtics

everybody and their mother is panicking over the celtics all of a sudden.  not me. and for several good reasons:

1.   it's a LONG season.  all the good teams good through bad patches like this.  the lakers lost 6 of 11 before the all star break.  the heat lost 6 of 7 a few weeks ago.  the spurs have even lost 3 of their last 6 right now. 

2.  how do people have such short term memories?!  this is one twofold:
     A: less than a week ago the celtics had two back to back spectacular come from behind road wins   and
     B: remember last year?!  boston played .500 ball for two thirds of the season, and still came within minutes of the title in LA.  this team already has the same number of wins (50) as last year

3.  not having the best record isn't that big a deal.  i feel like the celtics would be the clear favorites as the #1, without it they are contenders with just as good a chance as anyone else

4.  their recent struggles have a lot less to do with the perk trade, and a lot more to do with boredom.  since the big 3 came together, they have a history of not getting up for bad teams.  they're aging veterans who save their energy for when it counts.  if they get blown out next month in chicago and miami, then i'll start to panic a little.

so there you go.  calm down everybody.

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