Saturday, March 26, 2016

I'm not impressed that one half of the Elite Eight is all ACC teams

Half of the remaining NCAA tournament bracket is made up of schools from the same conference:

This is why I'm not impressed:

1. The ACC has 15 teams.
2. It's called the Atlantic Coast Conference.

For the record, here's where Notre Dame, Syracuse, Virginia and North Carolina are located:

I hear the view of the Atlantic Ocean's coastline is spectacular in South Bend, Indiana.  Since the ACC represents roughly half the country, it's no surprise that it also occupies half of the Elite Eight.

NCAA conferences are such a joke--examples A, B, and C.


  1. Because Dallas is so far east that the Cowboys should play in the NFC East.

    How about the Colts play in the AFC South, yet the Ravens play in the North. Baltimore is farther South than Indianapolis. It is what it is man. Doesn't just happen in college sports.

    1. Sure, that's bad too, but it's all the same league and the teams have to play somewhere. What's the logic in the ACC having a 15th school halfway across the country?


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