Saturday, October 17, 2015

What do you make of this headline?

I follow The Onion on Twitter, and when I first saw this headline I honestly 100-percent thought it was one of theirs--certainly not Sports Illustrated's:

That's like saying "Derrick Rose has been scoring more points when he shoots the ball in the basket."  Isn't the "opens both of his eyes" part a given?  I'm fairly certain that's the standard method most people choose to employ for sight.  Do you know anybody who walks around looking at things with one eye?  Is it even possible to have double vision in a single eye?

Memo to SI, "Derrick Rose has been experiencing double vision" is pretty straightforward.  There's no need for further explanation of how many eyes are involved.  The crazy thing is, the entire first paragraph of the story (linked in the above tweet) continues in an Onion-esque manner:

"Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose said that he has been experiencing double vision when he opens both of his eyes, reports K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. Rose added that he feels he could play with only one eye open."

Not a joke.  Wow.

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