Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ESPN all-sports rankings: Memphis Grizzlies 2nd, Tampa Bay Lightning 3rd, New England Patriots 25th???

ESPN just released a comprehensive ranking of every team in the four major U.S. pro sports.  The San Antonio Spurs top the list, while the Toronto Maple Leafs are dead last at No. 122.  Boston's franchises check in with the Patriots 25th, the Celtics 57th, the Bruins 93rd and the Red Sox 100th.

The Grizzlies managed to reach the No. 2 spot in large part due to their low ticket prices.  The Lightning were able to grab the No. 3 position because of their great "fan relations."  So how are the Patriots, who I expect would be widely assumed to contend for No. 1, ranked 25th?  Their tickets cost a lot and traffic at the stadium is terrible.

Hmm... Maybe ESPN didn't get its priorities quite right?  The explanation of the system used states that 25 percent of the formula is based on "fan relations," with "affordability" accounting for 11.3 percent.  The problem is, a large amount of the data came from what was important to fans who responded to an online poll.

Well guess what ESPN, the type of person who wants to respond to an online poll is the same type of person who is interested in "fan relations" and cheap ticket prices.  That's not the typical sports fan who likes to sit on the couch, drink a beer and watch his team demolish opponents.

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