Thursday, July 30, 2015

Would Tom Brady say "I did nothing wrong" under oath in a court of law? Could things ever get to that point?

OK, here's my jumbled thoughts on this whole Tom Brady mess.  Except that mess isn't the right word, what I'm looking for is something that implies mess^10th.

I stand by my Seinfeld-ian statement from two-and-a-half months ago: I have no idea what to believe.

You destroyed your phone.

No I didn't, I just got a new one and I always get rid of my old ones.  I gave you all the info you need from it anyway.

But we found your phone from two phones ago not destroyed.

That's what this has come down to?  On the phone thing, isn't it possible Brady just had personal stuff on it he didn't want to become public?

I am fairly certain Brady knowingly did something wrong though.  If he really was 100 percent innocent, he wouldn't be defending himself by writing finely crafted statements and posting them on facebook.

No, as I said before, he would be screaming from the rooftops.  He'd have a press conference where he adamantly denied everything repeatedly with fire in his eyes.  It's inconceivable that this guy wouldn't be more angry.  I'm just convinced he's sure they have no proof.

But what if this thing goes to an actual court of law?  What if Brady is forced to testify under oath and say "I did nothing wrong."  Would he do it?  What if he did and then some other evidence came out later?  He could actually be convicted of a crime.  And end up in jail.

How did we ever get here?  Mess^10th.  It's absolutely insane that this has become what it is.  The four-game suspension is absurd, as is the manner in which everybody involved has handled this situation.

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