Sunday, July 26, 2015

Happy Pedro Martinez Hall of Fame Induction Day

Ahh, Pedro.  What can I say.  Here's his immortal '99 All-Star game at Fenway:

Also from 1999, the time he struck out 17 Yankees (while allowing just one hit):

I shared a third remarkable outing from that season--the six innings of perfect relief while injured against the Indians in the playoffs--back in January when Pedro was voted into the Hall of Fame.

One other Pedro performance that stands out in my memory is a four-hit, nine-strikeout shutout of the Yankees on May 28, 2000.  Martinez out-dueled Roger Clemens, who held Boston scoreless for eight innings until Trot Nixon hit a two-run homer in the ninth.  It was the first of many, many baseball games I've watched at the Wharf Pub in my life.

The graphics in this Boston Globe piece are spectacular:

Recounting the greatest sports moment of my lifetime: The 2004 Boston Red Sox
Selecting the Boston Red Sox All-21st Century Team, Position by Position (on Bleacher Report)

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