Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's weird to me that some hockey people thought the header goal might actually count

I've watched about 10 minutes of hockey all season.  However, while I was working on Tuesday night, the only person in the bar at 12:30 am asked me to put the Blackhawks-Ducks game on.  I obliged, and seconds later was fortunate enough to catch this amazing play live:

Here's the full version (with the goal being disallowed):

Immediately after it happened, the announced said "There's no rule that says you can't head the puck in the net."  All day today I kept hearing on ESPN how people weren't sure if it should count or not.  Many NHL players, including the one who "scored," didn't know either.

That really surprised me.  I'm not a hockey guy, but I was still fairly certain that it wasn't a goal.  As I stated at the time to my one bar guest, "You can't kick the puck into the net and you can't slap it in with you're hand.  I'm sure there's a rule that says you can only intentionally score with your stick."

And sure enough, that's exactly the case.  Here's a screenshot from the NHL rulebook:

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