Monday, April 27, 2015

Why there is a 0% chance Kelly Olynyk intended to hurt Kevin Love

After Kevin Love had his shoulder dislocated by Kelly Olynyk yesterday, Love said "I have no doubt in my mind that he did it on purpose."  Granted, it was the heat of the moment and he was justifiably angry, but it was still a ridiculous claim for Love to make.  Here's why there is absolutely no chance Olynyk tried to injure Love:

Kendrick Perkins wanted to rough up Jae Crowder, so he pushed him in the chest.  J.R. Smith was also annoyed with Crowder, and he smacked him in the face.  Those are the kind of things you do when you're pissed off at a guy.  Yet Love is implying that Olynyk (who does not have a single technical or flagrant foul in his NBA career) thought something like:

"Hmm, I want to hurt this guy, what should I do?  I know, I'll grab his arm, pull it at a certain angle, and maybe his shoulder will pop out of his socket.  Yeah, that sounds good."

If Olynyk is that sneaky/brilliant/conniving, he's clearly done an unbelievable job to this point in hiding the fact that he's some sort of evil genius.

Those plays happen all the time in the NBA (including pictured above moments earlier in the same game between the same two players in reverse roles), the results in this case were just very unfortunate.

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