Thursday, February 26, 2015

Isaiah Thomas keeps hitting free throws, Evan Turner triple-doubles, comparing each to Rajon Rondo

Yesterday I discussed how Isaiah Thomas made as many free throws (12) in two games with the Celtics as Rajon Rondo did in 22 before being traded.  After his 11-for-11 performance last night, Thomas has now knocked down more foul shots than Rondo has all season, including the games he's played with Dallas:

It's also noteworthy to compare Rondo's recent stats to Evan Turner's:

Last night Turner posted his first-ever triple double.  I've never been a fan Turner, but this morning on CelticsLife I wrote about how I'm starting to come around on him.  And if you only read one other thing on the internet today, check out my latest Stat Central feature on Hoops Habit:

Evan Turner Joins Unlikely List Of All-Time Celtics Triple-Doubles

There are only 10 players in Boston history ever to record one, some of the names on the list will definitely surprise you.

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