Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Evan Turner's contract with the Celtics is finally official, and I don't like it

For two months I've been waiting for the Celtics to officially sign Evan Turner:

Turner at the Celtics Media Day on Monday.
Yesterday it was finally announced; two years guaranteed for a total of $6.7 million.  I don't understand why the Celtics would do this.  Looking ahead to next year, Boston was only on the books for roughly $32.2 million in salary for the 2015-16 season ($39.2 mil if they likely picked up the team options on Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk and Tyler Zeller).  Now they're on the hook to pay Turner an additional $3.4 million that season as well.

Besides the numerous future draft picks, Boston's best asset going forward is its enormous amount of salary cap room next year.  Now that's a little bit smaller.  What if Turner's $3.4 million ends up being the difference on whether or not the C's can re-sign Rajon Rondo and add an additional big-time free agent as well (or two stars if Rondo goes elsewhere)?

It doesn't make sense.  The Celtics aren't going to be good this year, so why waste cap room on a mediocre player?  I really wish they'd just held onto Chris Johnson instead (who they had at roughly one million per year for the next three seasons and could be cut at any time).

Unless Danny Ainge believes his club will be a contender next season and Turner is going to be a big part of that, what is the point of having him here?  And if that's the case--wow.

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