Friday, October 3, 2014

What is this 'Sqor Sports' Twitter-Instagram thing for athletes that all the Celtics are now using?

The other day I came across this tweet from Brian Scalabrine:

Besides badly wanting to know what will happen on October 21, I also found myself wondering "What is"  Then last night I noticed this tweet from Kelly Olynyk:

That freshman year haircut is totally sweet, and there's that thing again.  Soon after I realized Marcus Smart has been sending out tweets like this for a little over a week now:

As best as I can figure Sqor Sports is sort of a cross between Twitter and Instagram designed specifically for pro athletes.  Is anybody using this?  What does it do?  And why are all these Celtics suddenly tweeting it all over the place?  I only spent a few minutes on the site, and I can't really figure out why someone would want to use it instead of Twitter.

However, for the record, before I got all tweeted up I remember saying once "I don't understand why anybody would use Twitter since it's just like Facebook status updates."  Clearly I was way off on that one, so is Sqor Sports going to be huge?  We're about ready for the next big social network thing anyway...

Friendster < Myspace < Facebook < Twitter < Google+ ?

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