Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Knicks and 76ers to wage epic battle for the bottom

Yesterday I wrote a blog titled "Is it possible the Knicks can out-tank the 76ers?"  Well, apparently I jumped the gun a little.  In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy:

Since my post 24 hours ago, all of the following things happened:

Aware of the pathetic product they we're putting out on the floor, the Sixers decided to provide their fans with entertainment outside of basketball:

Amazingly, Philadelphia followed that up by getting its first home win of the year (in game No. 33) to improve to 5-28.

Meanwhile, the Knicks responded by trading away former sixth man of the year J.R. Smith and their best defensive player Iman Shumpert for basically nothing, as well as cutting their opening night starting center, Samuel Dalembert.  At the same time New York also dropped its 12th straight game to take over the league's worst record at 5-32.  On top of that, this little nugget popped up as well:

The tank war wages on...


  1. Love the Anchorman reference ... they need to fix the draft lottery very soon

  2. Agreed. Not sure it's happening any time soon though. Or what the answer is...


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