Friday, January 9, 2015

If you're from here and opposed to a Boston Olympics, you're not a sports fan

There's a ton of backlash to the possibility of the 2024 Olympics coming to Boston.  And I get it.  Personally I have no idea how it could fit.  It seems a little insane to me.  The added weight of the extra people alone might cause the whole city to sink into the harbor.

But you know what I'm not concerned about at the moment?  Two weeks of bad traffic nine-and-half years from now.  This would be a massive undertaking and an adventure of epic proportions.  Adventures are fun, even if they're scary too.

However, it's the sports fan in me that is 100 percent certain the Olympics coming to Boston is a good idea.

The Olympics make people passionate about sports they don't usually care about.  Every four years I find myself getting goosebumps over the performances of American athletes I'd never previously heard of, competing in things I have no interest in.  That's how powerful the Olympics are.  The chance to have that happen in your home country is rare opportunity in it's own right.  But imagine seeing the Olympics in your own city?  I can't even fathom the emotion that would bring out.

Team USA Basketball winning the gold medal in the Garden?  Americans standing atop the podium while the national anthem plays at Fenway Park?  I get chills just thinking about it.  How could any Boston sports fan disagree?


  1. You and Rich (From Toucher and Rich) agree:

    "I lived IN Atlanta in 96. I was going to Georgia Tech at the time. It was an incredible time and a once in a lifetime event that everyone in the city and state rallied around with pride. I don't know what I'm talking about? I may literally be the only one around here who does know what he is talking about."


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