Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Who do I root for when Paul Pierce plays Rajon Rondo?

Tonight Paul Pierce's Washington Wizards head to Dallas to take on Rajon Rondo and the Mavericks.  Who do I root for?

The case for Rondo.
The case for Pierce.

For this evening's contest I think I have to take Pierce and the Wizards.  This is a huge game for them.  As I wrote about on HoopsHabit, the Wizards just got their best win of the year in Houston last night.  They're now 22-8 and close to proving themselves as a legitimate contender in the East.  A back-to-back victory in Dallas would really turn some heads.

On the other hand, Rondo is still learning how to play with Dirk Nowitzki and the other Mavs.  How good they are right now isn't too big a concern, as long as they've figured things out come playoff time.

There's an outside chance Pierce and Rondo could meet in the NBA Finals.  I discussed the possibility in a CelticsLife article today.  If that happens, I think I'll just enjoy the ride...

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