Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I wonder if LeBron James' New Year's resolution is to get out of Cleveland?

(This photo isn't real)
Yesterday was LeBron James' birthday (Tiger Woods' as well, which is weird).  James celebrated by sitting out with a sore knee, and watching his title-favorite Cavaliers lose in Atlanta 109-101.

Cleveland is now 18-13 on the season, in fifth place in the Eastern Conference.  Over the last few days reports have surface that LeBron doesn't like his head coach, David Blatt.  There may be some evidence to support this theory:

Chris Haynes, a beat reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, wrote:

"James, who turns 30 today, has no intention of compromising his prime years playing for a sputtering organization. He can opt out of his contract at the end of the season and become a free agent.

Given the massive scrutiny he would endure if he departed Cleveland a second time, if his hand is forced, I'm told he won't hesitate to make the appropriate business decision if it means bolting."

I've been saying all along (even since before he signed a deal that gives him an option to be a free agent after just one year) that LeBron could get sick of Cleveland and bail if things don't go well.

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