Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The NFL should install a fantasy app for your TV that displays the name of players with the ball

I got this idea from a Bill Simmons B.S. Report podcast (just after the 38-minute mark), but they didn't fully develop it.

A huge percentage of people watch NFL football on TV these days with their fantasy teams in mind.  Often it's difficult to figure out right away if your guy is the one who made a play.  For example, the Denver Broncos have a pair of receivers named Thomas, Julius (No. 80) and Demaryius (No. 88).  Half of the Arizona Cardinals players who touch the ball have long hair covering the names on their backs.  At first glance it can be very hard to tell who's who.

Here's my solution: A "fantasy app" that immediately puts a label above the player who has the ball.  It would be built in to all NFL television broadcasts, and you would have the option to turn it on or off whenever you like--just like closed captioning.

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