Monday, November 3, 2014

Patriots stats that make you say 'Wow!' (and a couple other observations)

Even though I said not to panic after the blowout loss in Kansas City, and I wasn't that concerned about the injuries to Jerod Mayo and Stevan Ridley, I still never expected this.  From yesterday:

Over the first four weeks of the season the Pats went 2-2, and averaged 20 points per game.  In the last five weeks New England (5-0) has scored 43, 37, 27, 51 and 43 again.  That's a five-game average of 40.2 PPG.  In that time span 25 of the NFL's 32 teams haven't once scored 40 or more, and 19 squads haven't even scored 40 points in a single game all season.

Take a look at the difference in Tom Brady's per game averages:

First four - 198 passing yards, 1 touchdown
Last five - 320 yards, 3.6 TDs

His last month has arguably been one of the best of his career (Brady won AFC player of the month for October).  In recent weeks the 37-year-old QB has also looked more mobile than ever before--but should that really be surprising considering he said he it was going to happen?

The Patriots have won 14 consecutive regular season home games, 34 straight against AFC opponents and 42 in a row at home vs. AFC teams with Brady starting.

Now here's the one thing that worries me:

Rob Gronkowksi's value is immeasurable, and he does things nobody else in the NFL can do.  But every time he catches the ball I'm nervous he's going to get hurt again.  Whenever Gronk gets hit it seems like his arms and legs are flailing around everywhere, just waiting to get bent the wrong way.  Obviously this has a lot to do with him being 6'6", but I also think Gronkowski plays with a reckless abandon that simultaneously makes him more effective and more injury prone.

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