Saturday, October 18, 2014

Smart phone TV remote app may be an issue in bars and restaurants

My phone came with an app that allows it to work as a remote control for your TV and cable.  I tried it out once for fun, but it's not actually better than my regular remote, so I have no use for it.

The other night while I was closing my bar at 1:45 am some friends of mine who were still there decided to mess with me.  After I shut off the television, one of them turned it back on.  From her phone.  All you need to make the app work anywhere is to be able to read the brand of the TV and/or cable box.  And that got me thinking...

I remember times when I've been in the Wharf Pub on Martha's Vineyard (where last call is 12:30 am) and they turned off a west-coast Red Sox game at a dramatic moment just before the end.  Now I could discretely flip the TV back on for a minute to see the final out.

There's also been many occasions where I've gone to a bar or restaurant specifically to watch a certain game, but had lots of troubling getting the staff to put it on the TV.  Now bar patrons could simple change the channel themselves (if the cable box is close by).  Which would be fine, unless somebody else was already watching whatever was previously on.

Or how about when a person would like to hear the TV, but the establishment has decided not to turn up the volume?

This app has the potential to be a nightmare for bartenders.

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