Monday, July 21, 2014

Not all $1 hot dogs are created equal (and other thoughts on Atlantic City)

All over the boardwalk there are signs advertising hot dogs for $1 (also sunglasses, hats and maybe even t-shirts too, although shirts tend to cost $2.99 and up).  I sampled three of them.  One was solid, another not so good, and a third downright spectacular.  I don't think there's any way to know ahead of time though, it's a crap shoot (see what I did there?  AC gambling analogy).  The place with the best $1 hot dog looked the grossest, and one I expected to be good was the worst.

I stayed in a hotel that cost $2.4 billion to build, and has already filed for bankruptcy twice (including last month) since it opened in 2012.  Below is what it looks like from the ground, and what I saw outside my room in the tower:

Now here's a zoomed in view of the beachfront properties next to it:

My best guess is that's another hotel that either never got finished, or was abandoned a long time ago.  You'd think the people who spent $2.4 billion on the place I was in might have considered that ahead of time (rumors are it may shut down in September).

And finally, I'd say roughly 50% of all people on vacation in Atlantic City this time of year are there for bachelor/bachelorette parties; I'm not sure there's enough of them around to keep the whole boardwalk functioning though.  Also, apparently it's mandatory for every bride-to-be to wear a pink sash across her chest like she's in the Miss America Pageant (another AC tradition that probably won't keep the city from going under).

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