Thursday, April 17, 2014

Smirnoff vodka "deconstructed martini" commercial is absolutely spectacular

I've been bartending for nearly fourteen years now (yikes), and in no way do I consider it an art form.  In my mind speed and efficiency are by far the most important things when it comes to making drinks.  So when I saw this commercial on TV for the first time the other day, I instantly gained an enormous amount of respect for Smirnoff vodka (and a little bit for Adam Scott too):

Remember that craze of youtube videos under the theme "Sh*t (type of people) say"?  This is like the "bartenders" one, but better.

As impressed as I am by the ad, I still don't see myself buying much Smirnoff; one because I'm not a vodka guy, and two because commercials just don't work.

Also it's kind of weird I've written about vodka twice this week, huh?

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