Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rajon Rondo is practicing (hopefully won't pull a Derrick Rose) -- bad news for Jordan Crawford's All-Star campaign

Rondo was back on the court Saturday participating in practice fully for the time since tearing his ACL in February.  From this point he should return to game action within a month.  In a similar situation last spring Rose was medically cleared to play for the Bulls, but decided against it until the beginning of this season.

However, if we don't see Rondo take the floor again soon, it may not be his decision.  At 11-14 the Celtics are in first place in a terrible Atlantic Division.  But they're also just a few games away from having one of the five worst records in the NBA, which would likely mean a top player in the 2014 draft.  If Danny Ainge starts making trades to build for the future (and in turn make the team worse right now), the club could "encourage" Rondo to sit out a while longer.

Last week I posted a blog on Celtics Life emploring fans to vote for Jordan Crawford for the All-Star game.  I also wrote an article for Yahoo Sports making the case for Crawford, who statistically has been the second best point guard in the East so far.  But if Rondo does return soon, Crawford's All-Star long shot will all but disappear.  At this point Crawford is also a probable trade candidate, and if so Ainge would want to move him before Rondo takes his job away and lowers his value.  Another Yahoo article I wrote suggested Boston deal Crawford to Miami, and today the New York Daily News printed this:
"A few GMs have identified Boston’s Jordan Crawford as a player the Heat will go after in the coming days/weeks."

As of now no GMs have contacted me for further trade advice.

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