Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Celtics vs Nets: Not your average game between 10-12 and 6-14 teams

Two rather shocking things that I can't imagine even the most die-hard of Celtics fans could ever have imagined:

1. That Jordan Crawford would win Eastern Conference Player of the Week.  The Celtics were the only team in the East to go undefeated last week (3-0), and Crawford (who averaged 23.3 points, 6.7 assists, and 3 rebounds per game) was deemed the conference's best player.  That is insane.

2. The first reunion between Paul Pierce/Kevin Garnett and the Celtics would occur with Boston in first place, and the Nets trailing them by 3 games in the standings.

For tank fans, at this point it's looking like the only way that can happen is if Danny Ainge starts trading guys away.  Here's an idea I wrote about for Yahoo Sports that would send Jordan Crawford to the Heat (the pro-Celtics commenters think I'm an idiot for proposing this, which is interesting to me because I'm fairly certain Boston would be much more likely to make the trade than Miami).

And for more on tonight's matchup (including a prediction and whether or not Pierce might make a miraculous return to action with a broken hand) check out my Celtics vs Nets preview for CLNS Radio.

Also, if you happen to read Polish (or have google translate, which is funny to read), take a look at this brief interview I did on the Celtics for a blog in Poland.

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