Sunday, November 24, 2013

AOL should be embarrassed by their front page story

I still use an email address for junk mail (it's perfect for when you sign up for something you don't care that much about which requires an email, but you don't really feel like giving them you're email), so every now and then I go to the AOL home page to check it.  When I visited there earlier today, here's what I saw:

I know all about writing headlines designed to suck people in and get more page views, I do it all the time (including on this very post, is that hypocritical?  Hmm, maybe... I hope not).  But this is beyond pathetic.  "Hey want to know the bizarre way this person died?  We'll tell you about it, but not until you click here first."  That's just gross, especially as the top story (see the "1 of 30" at the bottom of the picture) for a gigantic website.

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