Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I don't think the controversial home run last night was really all that controversial

I watched numerous TV personalities debate this issue all day today (here's an explanation of what happened if you don't already know), and I'm a little shocked I never heard a single person argue it in this manner.  I'm completely convinced the umpires made the right call:

If you follow the trajectory of the little white blur that is that ball, it's clearly going to land on the far side the yellow line.

This means that in order for Josh Reddick to catch it, he was going to have to reach over that line and into the crowd.  Sorry Josh, but once you go into the stands, all bets are off.  Now here's the analogy I can't believe I haven't heard anyone make:

Imagine if this was a foul pop-up along one of the baselines.  When the fielder goes beyond the wall the fans have the same right that he does to go after the ball; it doesn't matter if he thinks he would have caught it if they hadn't gotten in his way.  Granted this was an extreme example on an enormous stage, but the same principle still applies.

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