Friday, October 11, 2013

A few things to ponder while waiting for the ALCS to start

Boston vs Detroit, Game 1, Saturday, 8:07 pm.  While most Red Sox fans were probably hoping for Oakland, I'm actually glad we'll be seeing the Tigers take the field at Fenway tomorrow night.  The A's scared me; I couldn't figure out why they were good.  They just seemed to have that same sort of karma/mojo thing going that the Sox do, and it's easy to fear what you don't understand.  However, along with the Tigers comes to town Jose Iglesias, meaning the nightmare scenario I envisioned back in July when Boston traded him for Jake Peavy is still in play.

Two things from the ALDS I'd like to mention: One, it's pretty unbelievable how significant a part of his offense getting hit by pitches has become for Shane Victorino.  The all-time record for HBP's in one postseason is 4, which he has already tied through four games.  There's no way he'll keep up his 1 per game average, but I wouldn't be surprised to see this be a factor at some point against Detroit.

And two, once this season is over can the Red Sox please just pay Jacoby Ellsbury?  They tied up Game 4 on Tuesday night when he went from first to third on a wild pitch.  I can't even tell you how many times I've seen him lead off an inning with a hit, steal 2nd, take 3rd when the throw goes into the outfield, then score shortly thereafter.  Ellsbury creates runs unlike anybody else in baseball.  And did you notice how excited he was after crossing the plate (above) and seeing Victorino beat out that two-out infield grounder?  That didn't look like a guy who's eager to sign anywhere else anytime soon.

I discussed these and other topics on Wednesday night in a guest appearance on Red Sox Life Live:


  1. Re. Baserunning:
    When going from first to third on base hits to the outfield, guys like Mays, Clemente and Aaron would slow down to draw a throw to third, thus allowing the batter-runner to advance to second. (This, according to Howard Byrant's Aaron bio.)
    Ellsbury seems to be cut from that mold.

  2. Wow, I never heard that before, thanks!


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