Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm not sure this Guinness commercial isn't a little offensive

Guinness has been running this ad featuring guys playing wheelchair basketball a lot lately:

It reminds me off a scene from an awful 2006 movie called "The Ex" staring Jason Bateman and Zack Braff.  Bateman plays a guy who dated Braff's girlfriend a long time ago, and now he's trying to get her back.  Bateman's character is a slime ball, but nobody believes it because he's in a wheelchair.  At one point he convinces Braff to play wheelchair basketball (even though he knows it's a bad idea), and after the game all the other guys get really pissed when they find out Braff can walk.

My point is I think there's a chance the guy from this Guinness ad wouldn't want all his buddies playing with him, and maybe he'd think it's insulting.  I realize it's silly for me to speculate on the possible feelings of a fictional character in a TV commercial, but I'm curious to know what people who play wheelchair hoops think of this.

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