Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So A-Rod can play next week, but Dempster can't? Yeah, that makes sense.

Earlier this month Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games by Major League Baseball for his connection to the Biogenesis clinic, and his subsequent attempts to cover it up.  He then appealed the ruling, and will now likely be allowed to play the rest of the season before a verdict is reached.  The Red Sox were of the opinion that it is utterly ridiculous that the man who was handed down the single longest suspension in the history of baseball (other than the lifetime bans of the 1919 Chicago "Black Sox" and Pete Rose gambling variety) can still be allowed to take the field and effect a pennant race.  In protest of this, on Sunday Ryan Dempster intentionally hit Rodriguez with a pitch.  Dempster has just been suspended for 5 games.  There is only one logical conclusion here:

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