Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I can't stand HBO's "True Blood," but yet I keep watching

Um, she's not a vampire...
When True Blood debuted in 2009, it was a show about vampires trying to live among society by drinking synthetic blood instead of humans.  That was a cool premise.  It's gotten consistently less cool ever since.

This past season between Bill being some sort of god-vampire, and the introduction of Warlow the fairy-vampire, it pretty much became impossible to keep track of who had acquired which super powers after biting who.  The plot lines evolved to the point that just about anybody could feed their blood to anyone else to fix whatever ailed them, then have the same thing immediately done right back in return.  In fact, the show allowed itself to get so confusing that the writers themselves even forgot what was going on when they had the fang-less Sookie bite herself.

I thought True Blood might be taking a step in the right direction when it killed off Terry, (thus eliminating the incredibly boring and irrelevant Terry and Arlene plot line) but then it wasted half of the next episode with a funeral and flashbacks remembering him as if he was a lead character.  Allegedly this happened because the show is trying to simplify and return to its roots in the town of Bon Temps for season 7, as you could see in the second half of last week's finale.  I hope I can convince myself not to watch.

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