Saturday, August 10, 2013

Preseason Tebometer

If Tebow still hasn't learned how to throw, I don't see it happening.
In case you're a new visitor to this site, ever since October of 2011 I've been writing a series of posts under the category "Tebometer," which detail Tim Tebow's ongoing quest to become a 50% passer in the NFL (he's never been able to do it).  Tebow's career completion percentage currently stands at 47.9; for comparison, the worst starting QB rate in the league last year was held by Miami's Chad Henne, at 53.9%.

And while preseason stats have no effect on his career numbers, Tebow's performance in New England's exhibition opener last night was far from inspiring.  He went 4-12 running a dumbed down offense against mostly backup defensive players.  Here's what the Boston Globe's Ben Volin had to say:
"Whereas [Tom] Brady and [Ryan] Mallett go through their progressions and have four or five receivers at their disposal, the Patriots kept it basic with Tebow. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels called 15 pass plays for Tebow in his 32 snaps, but they were almost exclusively of the low-risk variety — screen passes and play-action rollouts, in which Tebow was given just one read, and if the receiver wasn’t open he could scramble and make something happen."
And here's my observation from during the game:

In all 8 quarterbacks played in yesterday's contest (5 for the Eagles, 3 for the Patriots), with none besides Tebow connecting on less than half of his attempts.  In fact, the other 7 pass throwers combined to go 45-74, for 61%.

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