Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's stupid that you can vote for MLB All-Stars 35 times

Online voting for the MLB All-Star Game ends at midnight tomorrow, so if you haven't had a chance to do that yet make sure you get to a computer, tablet, or smartphone and send in your picks.  Or don't, because the entire process is utterly ridiculous.  

After you spend the 5-10 minutes making your selections, entering your email address/other personal information, and typing in the 5 digit validation key, it immediately asks you if you'd like to vote again.  At that point if you don't retype the validation key and hit enter another 24 more times, your input is basically only counting for 4% of a vote.  Or maybe even less, because if you register your email address with you are then "allowed" to have 10 more "votes," for a total of 35.  If I wanted to I could do this with each of the 4 emails that I use, making my original vote count for just 1/140th of my potential.  And if I really felt like getting crazy I might just start creating more and more new email addresses in order to give Jose Iglesias his fair share of write ins; in which case the possible number of votes is basically limitless.

Come on MLB, you're being obnoxious and you know it.  End the madness already and just make it one vote per email account.


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