Sunday, June 30, 2013

Recycle Sunday: Volume 9

I do this every three months or so.  It's basically a "blog highlights" post of things I think are particularly entertaining and are not time sensitive to when they were originally written.

Given the magical babysitting powers of ipads, why aren't there cheap ones made specifically for kids?

There's a television show called Doomsday Preppers that I highly recommend watching once, and only once.

A Miami lawyer sued the San Antonio Spurs for not playing their stars, but his case was a pack of lies.

I'm extremely tired of sportscasters continually debating which NFL quarterbacks qualify as "elite."

Question: Are blazers on women attractive?  Yes or No?

Easily my favorite commercial form this year's Super Bowl.

My rules for proper sidewalk walking etiquette in the city.

Have you ever decided to find out the gender of your baby by cutting a cake?

The greatest play I've ever witnessed in person during an NBA basketball game.

The worst movie I've ever seen actually won the Oscar for best picture in 2004.

If anyone can explain to me why men use cash and women don't, I'd love to hear the answer.


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