Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jinxing the New York Knicks?

JR Smith has been ridiculously good for the Knicks.
Three weeks ago I wrote that the Celtics had a good chance to win their 6th straight Atlantic Division title.  Boston was in the midst of a 7-2 stretch, and trailed New York by just 2.5 games at the time.  I figured the Knicks were about to crumble; they'd lost 4 in a row and had been decimated by injuries.

Man, was I wrong.  New York hasn't lost since, reeling off 12 straight victories.  They're now 10.5 games ahead of the Celtics, and can clinch the division tonight.  My hope of Boston drawing the Knicks in a #2 vs #7 first round playoff series is looking very probable, although now I'm starting to fear what I wished for.

New York was the hot topic of conversation on ESPN all day today, with whispers of them being a serious contender to challenge Miami.  Because of that, my gut feeling is they'll probably lose at home to the Wizards tonight.  It's the nature of sports, just ask the New England Patriots or the Chicago Blackhawks (although I was way off when I predicted a similar fate for the Heat and their crazy run).  Also, nobody beats the Wiz.


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