Friday, April 26, 2013

If you happen to be a vegetarian Sox fan who loves kosher baked ziti, you're in luck.

I was waiting in the beer line at Fenway the other day when I saw this:

It's a kosher/vegetarian/hot food vending machine that has onion rings, cheese sticks, veggie burgers, and baked ziti.  And to the left is another that sells kosher hot dogs.  So clearly the Red Sox are concerned about having kosher and vegetarian food available, but there's not enough interest to warrant actually offering the stuff at one of the regular concession windows.  Both machines say the food is "hot" and "fresh," so I assume that means it cooks whatever you order on the spot?

I'm not even sure what the commentary is here... I guess I'm impressed that there is vending machine technology that can assemble a hot dog or veggie burger (it's definitely no Coca-Cola "Freestyle" machine though)?  Everything in them cost $5, which by Fenway standards is pretty reasonable.  As I write this I've just decided that next time I'm at the park I'll give it a try.  It'll be a two-part blog, and I'll write off the five bucks as research.


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