Friday, March 1, 2013

There should be a "The second half is starting!" announcement at Celtics games.

Last summer I wrote a series of posts about the experience of going to NBA games as a Celtics season ticket holder.  Some of the topics included improving the half court shot contest, the best halftime show going, and my issues with the "t-shirt toss."  Here's one more that I never got around to writing:

Just about everybody gets up at halftime and walks around.  When the second half starts, most of the seats are still usually empty.  A big reason for this is that the concession lines take a long time (the TD Garden sells beer and food at the same locations.  Often what looks like a short 3 person line in front of you can take forever depending on how many chicken fingers and fries, nachos, or sandwiches are ordered), but that is not where I am going with this.

When the game resumes in the second half, there is no announcement.  They don't even sound the buzzer, the players just walk out on the court and get right back at it.  Sometimes I'll be sitting there in my seat the whole time,  and still not even notice when the game has started up again.  When you go to a theater they flash the lights to tell you to return to your seats from intermission.  Why don't they do anything like this at NBA games?  My guess is they want people to stay down below as long as possible and keep buying stuff, but that's just obnoxious.


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