Friday, February 8, 2013

Today seems like a good day to talk about sleds

The classic "Norman Rockwell" style:

While appealing to look at it's pretty terrible to use, and probably should have stopped being made when plastic was invented.

The Toboggan:

This is mostly just good for a scared small child that wants his/her mom riding on the sled behind him/her.

The super cheap "roll up" sled:
These's don't work very well, but they are light and easy to carry, and you can bring them to school.

The saucer:
The trouble with this kind is that you spin around and often can't see where you're going.

The inflatable saucer:

This has the same flaw as the regular saucer.  But it's a lot more comfortable, good for jumps, and you can also use it in the pond in the summer time.

The simple standard red plastic sled:
The clear winner.  It goes fast and straight, and it's easy to control by using your hands for steering and brakes.  Also when you're a ballsy pre-teen you can try standing on it like a surfboard (don't worry Mom, I never actually pulled that off).

Side note: The last time there was a huge storm I wrote this "choose your own adventure" blog.


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