Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dikembe Mutumbo swatting stuff is great

Yesterday I wrote about the Super Bowl halftime show, so today I'll explore it's other main topic of interest (outside of football), the commercials.  Somehow I missed this one during the game, and I haven't heard anybody mention it while discussing their favorite ads from Sunday.  I saw it on TV last night, and to me it wins hands down over everything I watched during the game (although I did enjoy the Taco Bell old people acting young):

My favorite of Dikembe's blocks is the exploding cereal box the kid attempts to toss into the cart at the grocery store.  I also have to give Geico credit for their attention to detail, look closely at all the fake cereal brands on the shelf that very closely resemble real ones.

(Click on the picture to expand)


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