Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jose Canseco on twitter

When I was about 12 years old I had a poster of Jose Canseco on my bedroom wall that I'd covered with a giant "X" (I remember the "X" was fluorescent pink, because neon colors were cool at the time).  I also doctored this baseball card to say "drug user" instead of "American League" (I'm sure it's still in my parent's attic somewhere).  I had a great disdain for Jose in part because his A's swept the Red Sox out of the playoffs in 1988 and 1990, but also because I was certain he was using steroids.  When Boston acquired him in 1995 I was very conflicted.

Well, 20-some years later Jose now admits to being on "the juice," and loves to talk about it whenever he gets the chance.  If you use twitter, I highly recommend following Canseco.  He is pretty hysterical, but mostly of the unintentional variety.  I have a feeling he sits at home and gets drunk many nights, then decides to start tweeting.  He's a small sample of some of his recent work:

Jose sent out a bunch of tweets to various actors last week trying to recruit them for "Juiced! The Movie," he's definitely planning on making it.  Not sure if anyone else is...


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