Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's time for technology that lets you hear the questions reporters ask at press conferences.

It helps to know what question's Belichick is answering.
If you've watched any of the NFL post-game press conferences this weekend, or any weekend, or after a different sporting event, or really any type of press conference for anything anywhere ever; you've probably noticed that it's often hard to hear the questions the reporters are asking.  Frequently the person at the podium's answer doesn't really make much sense when we don't know what it is they are responding to.

I think it's about time somebody resolved this situation.  Here's a few ideas just off the top of my head: Tell the reporters to speak up.  Hand out a bunch of little cheap microphones so that they all have one.  Hang a single big powerful microphone over the group of reporters, and maybe attach it to a robotic arm.  Or have somebody standing by the podium with one of those listening devices you see on TV and in spy movies, pointing it at each person as they ask a question.  Somewhere in here there's a solution, I just can't believe nobody has implemented it yet.  Thanks to my mom for the topic idea.

Do press conferences need these?

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