Friday, October 12, 2012

October is kind of a long time for the NFL to wear pink

It's breast cancer awareness month, and the NFL does their part by outfitting players, coaches, and other sideline employees in a variety of pink gear and merchandise.  Obviously it's a great cause and I have nothing against it.  But, I think it's silly that they do it for the entire month.

Colors that just aren't meant to mix.
October 1st this year was a Monday night, a perfect time for the league to debut the pink garb on national television.  However that means that 5 out of the 16 weeks of the NFL schedule will include the unusual attire.  It's kind of ridiculous that some teams may end up wearing mismatched pink outfits for nearly a third of their season.  And I seriously doubt there'll be many people sitting around watching TV in late October thinking "you know, it didn't really affect me the past 3 weeks, but now that pink is making me more aware."

Plus it feels like a lot of the novelty/impact is lost because it lasts for so long. After a while you just sort of get used to it.  Major League Baseball goes with the same theme once a year on Mother's Day, to me that makes a lot more sense.  Although it'd be pretty hysterical if MLB did it for this whole month as well; every playoff highlight from now on would be tinted pink.


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