Thursday, October 4, 2012

My AL East prediction was dead on; almost.

Back on Opening Day of this season I wrote a post in which I predicted the American League East's final standings.  I speculated that three teams in the division would win between 90-93 games.  As it turned out, the Rays won 90, the Orioles 93, and the Yankees 95, outdoing my guess by just two games.  Here's a direct quote from April 5th:

"My guess is that Boston, New York, and Tampa will each finish with roughly 90-93 wins... so it definitely seems likely that everything will come down to the final days of the season."
But as I go back and read that now I realize there is one little typo.  Hey it happens sometimes, doesn't have much in the budget for editing, and occasionally things slip through the cracks.  In this case, the word "Boston" was mistakenly substituted for the word "Baltimore."  Oh well.


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