Friday, September 7, 2012

The Best Halftime Show Going

The #1 act in the game.
Here's another summertime post from the "tales of what it's like to be a Celtics season ticket holder" genre.  Today's topic: Halftime shows.

If you go to a lot of games it's easy to get pretty bored of little kids playing basketball, which last season seemed to be the intermission entertainment more often than not.  Once in a while they'll have an old fashioned playground game of knockout between some randomly selected contestants, and that at least provides a little variety.  Earlier in the summer I wrote a piece suggesting how they could improve the "half court shot" contest.  I'm not much of a fan of guys playing drums on plastic buckets, and you can see usually see that outside North Station as you leave the game anyway.

Occasionally the Celtics splurge and actually spend a little bit of money, and that's where the acts really get good.  There's a group of people who wear skis and jump on trampolines that are very impressive.  One couple does a spectacular schtick where they change clothes unbelievably fast.  But for my money, nothing beats the Red Panda Acrobat.  Her background music gets me pumped too.

Now obviously the bowls must be very heavily weighted on the bottom in order to all land and stack like that; but still this blows my mind a little.


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