Sunday, August 5, 2012

Recycle Sunday 6.0

Andy Murray finally beat Rodger Federer to win at Wimbledon (where the Olympic tennis is being played), but the gold medal does not bring an end to his unfortunate grand slam drought.

It should cost $1 every time you honk your car horn.  Just like when Sly Stalone swears in the movie Demolition Man.

Here's what I would do to improve the "Half Court Shot Contest" at Celtics games.

I'm not convinced hi-tech dental floss is a good thing; similar to George Costanza's thoughts regarding toilet paper.

A 0-0 soccer tie prompted me to wonder what would happen if other sports adopted a shootout style method of deciding games.

I wasn't sold on the Red Sox trading Kevin Youkilis when it happened.  I'm still not.

Hey Miller Lite, you're not fooling anybody with your "shotgun" cans.

Earlier this summer a guy on the Arizona Diamondbacks hit for the cycle twice in twelve days.  Find out what else is equally as unlikely.

How many boxes of cereal is normal to have in your kitchen?

While difficult to comprehend, I don't think Ray Allen going to the Heat really matters that much.

"Can I get $7 worth of Patron?"

Even if you're not a fan of the Boston Celtics, basketball, or sports in general, this story should still make you want to like Paul Pierce.


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