Monday, August 6, 2012

Give up time?

Despite looking completely lost, the Sox aren't out of it.
After the Red Sox blew another game at Fenway to the last place Twins on Saturday night, I  decided it was time to give up on the season.  Yesterday's win offered very little in the way of encouragement.  I wrote a series recap for CLNS Radio entitled Red Sox "Salvage" Final Game of Incredibly Uninspiring Series.  I hate writing negative stuff about my teams.  Can't stand it.  I prefer to just look the other way when things aren't going well, but in this case I had an assignment, so I did it.

Here's the thing though: I haven't actually given up.  None of the other teams in the Wild Card race are playing well either.  Boston is still just 4.5 games out.  All they'd have to do is play well for two weeks and they would be right back in it.  That's probably not going to happen, but really it wouldn't take that much.  

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