Friday, July 20, 2012

Three 3-run homers in two games?

I've got my best people working on it, but without any conclusive data I think it's safe to say Cody Ross' heroics from the last two games are one of the more unusual occurrences Major League Baseball has seen in a while.  I have a feeling today may be the day the Red Sox bandwagon begins to come back to life.  A friend of mine texted me this morning: "I'm excited to start following baseball again.  I kinda re-like these guys."  My guess is that's a fairly popular sentiment around here right now.  I on the other hand picked last June 17th as the day the Sox season would turn around, and so far they've proven me right.  Go read my story "Inspired Red Sox Host Blue Jays for Weekend Series" at

11:55 PM UPDATE: The last person to hit 3 three-run home runs in that short a span was Sammy Sosa almost 10 years ago.  He did it in one game, 8/10/02.


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