Saturday, July 21, 2012

My first attempt at graphic design

Last night around 11 pm I got the idea that I should just create a logo myself.  So I searched for a free graphic design program, downloaded it, then set to work trying to figure out how to use it (for anybody familiar with this kind of thing, it's called Serif DrawPlus).  A couple hours later I think I had successfully mastered about .04% of what it is capable of.  By 3:30 am, here is what I'd come up with:
This is the prototype.  LucidSportsFan Logo Version 1.0.  My early tracking numbers are very positive, especially in the 45-65 age demographic.  I think it should appeal to younger audiences as well though.  Let me know your thoughts.  And don't just be nice.  I want actual useful information.  If you think it's too boring or looks like it was made by an 8 year old, tell me.  Leave a comment below.  Or on the facebook page.  Or on the twitter.  Especially twitter.  It's been a little while since I've tried to convince my readers to join twitter.  Seriously, it's fantastic.  And make sure to express your opinions in the poll on the side.  You can vote for more than one option.


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